The Real Star of The Apprentice
16th December 2010
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After ten weeks of seeing our wonderful borough splashed all over our screens, this Sunday brings the final of series six of BBC One’s The Apprentice (9pm). 

Whilst we have been watching the candidates fight for Lord Alan Sugar’s approval, the borough of Ealing has provided the perfect backdrop. Many of you will be aware that The Bridge Cafe, where the losing team go each week, is actually on Westfields Road in Acton. And why might Lord Sugar chose a café in Acton? Perhaps because The Boardroom in Lord Sugar’s “offices” is in actual fact at the BBC Studios on Westfields Road.

Everyone will have their favourite moments from the series (field of ponies anyone?) and Southall was in the limelight during the shopping quest episode. I wonder if sales of gold jewellery are up?

As millions of viewers tune in on Sunday night to see Stella and Chris battle it out to be crowned the winner, the borough of Ealing will remain the un-sung star of The Apprentice.

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