The Office Party: A Perk Of The Job
30th November 2010
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The office Christmas parties are just around the corner and whilst decorations and catering are probably in the forefront of your mind, it is important to take note of the relevant tax rules regarding parties for employers.

As ever, our wonderful client Kumar Strategic Consultants are able to answer any questions you may have surrounding the accounting aspects of your business. It should put a smile on your face to know that unlike when you are entertaining your clients, social events for your employees are allowable against the profits of your business. What’s more, if the total costs of your staff events and functions are less than £150 per employee in each single tax year, there are no implications for any of your staff. Simply tell them it is a perk of the job!

Still looking for the perfect venue for your work do? Why not keep it local and check out the fantastic party booking options at The Grange pub by Ealing Common.

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