The Medicinal Power of Literature
2nd February 2013
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The Medicinal Power Of Literature

  The Independent this week reports on GPs referring people to thir library for a self help book, or a mood enhancing book, for mild to rate depression - as an alternative to prescribing anti depressants.

 BBC Radio London held a phone in show, asking people to recommend books for this purpose. Effective Hypnosis  already had a written book review, as it was part of the coursework in Matthew's qualification as a Chronic Fatigue Specialist. So this review was sent in and broacast to the Radio London Community -

Title of Book: How your mind can heal  your body
Author : David Hamilton

 David went from researching medicine to researching the placebo effect. He noted
- That placebo’s effectiveness can range from 10% - 100%.
- That this depends partly on GP’s attitudes, but mostly on patient’s inner resources.
- That what we think creates physical tracks in the brain.
- That through visualisation and meditation we can change the brain – rebuilding the neural pathways that have become worn out due to repeated stresses.
- That talk therapies encourage the neurons to release endorphins – changing us at a cellular level.
 I have personal experience of the effectiveness of David’s work. Page 168 relates my wife’s story. It is therefore easy for me to get passionate about promoting him.
 Quoting the wonderful stories of healing will inspire, but it is always useful to have the proof of scientific research behind the healing , .to convince. I can show that it isn’t some fluffy bunny claptrap, but real.

 When BBC Radio London rang Matthew back he was also able to give a plug for Finding ME by Elaine Wilkins, the co founder of the Chrysalis Effect.

 For information on how Effective Hypnosis can help with depression or how the Chrysalis effect canhelp to coach people with chronic fatigue back to health - click through to our page or ring 07732391008.


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