The Long and Winding Road to gaining your drivers licence...
20th September 2010
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In Britain, for most people the most exciting thing about turning seventeen is the entitlement to learn how to drive. The independence and convenience that a driving licence can provide is incredibly exciting, and feels like one of the first and most fun steps into adulthood.

Unsurprisingly, a number of 17 year olds receive driving lessons for their birthday, and in order to receive your provisional licence in time to satisfy your excitement and go for a drive the day you reach seventeen it is essential that you take the following steps…

·        You can apply for a licence 2 months before the day of your 17th birthday, and cannot drive on the roads until you are in possession of a valid provisional license.

·         To apply for your licence you will need

o   A D1 application form, which are available at post offices

o   A valid UK Passport or passport sized photograph, signed by an approved person

o   An acceptable form of identification

o   The fee

Once the application form is complete, you can send your form to the DVLA ( and your licence should arrive within 15 days.

Subsequently, you are allowed to drive a car provided that the appropriate “L” plates are on display, appropriate insurance cover has been obtained, and you are being supervised an adult who has possessed a UK driving licence for a minimum of 3 years.

So, once your provisional has been obtained, and your 17th birthday arrived, the exciting process can begin! You will need to choose the best driving instructor possible; one with whom you both feel calm and confident, and in order to help you reach your full potential and meet each new challenge with the best advice and instruction.

If you are learning to drive in the Ealing area, the New Concept Driving School ( provides a new and unique approach to learning how to drive, through the use of holistic aromatherapy; designed to provide a relaxed and calm environment in which to learn how to drive, and thus an enhanced, stress-free experience – all at competitive prices, and with the first lesson half-price (£11.50)

Once you have sat and passed both your theory and practical exams, the long-awaited driving licence is finally yours, along with a new sense of freedom, independence, and maturity, and the ability to drive off into the big wide world…

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