The Hypnotic Gastric Band - more results
24th January 2018
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Yesterday's Daily Mail tells of how Charlotte Coker, from Wellington, responded to the hypnotic gastric band.

She had gone to a hypnotherapist suffering from anxieties and desparate to lose weight. The weight  had piled on due to over indulgence in crisps and fizzy drinks.

Following Hypnotic Gastric Band treatment her panic attacks disappeared, as did cravings for unhealthy food. She was not only filled with confidence - she shrunk  three dress sizes and lost three stones in weight. She told the DM that she felt that she had taken on a new lease of life.

 Hypnosis works because the mind believes what it is told and acts accordingly. When told, under hypnosis, that she had had a gastric band fitted, Charlotte believed that she wasn't hungry and consumed less food. 

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