The Health Risks Of Obesity
6th April 2017
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 Warnings of obesity are often bandied about without the dangers being explained. So it is perhaps worthwhile to consider these.

 Reproductive Health - Obesity can lead to Infertility and Complications during pregnancy and birth.

 Cardiovascular Health - Obesity can lead to Heart Failure, Hypertension, Heart Disease and Stroke.

Musculoskeletal Health - Obesity can lead to Gout, Osteoarthritis, and Lower Back Pain.

Respiratory Health - Obesity can lead to Asthma, Chronic Obstrucive Pulmonory Disease, and Sleep Apnoea.

 Gastrointestinal Health - Obesity can lead to Gallstones, Gastro-Oesophagal Reflux, Pancreatitis, Kidney and Liver Disease.

 Neurological Health - Obesity can lead to Dementia and Depession.

 And, of course, there is also a risk of  Type 2 Diabetes and Cancers .

 It may not be too late for change.

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