Teachers and Stress
27th October 2018
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 Last week The Times featured an article telling us  that more than four-fifths of teachers in leadership roles are suffering from stress, leading them to overeat, overspend and drink too much. This was following a survey for the Education Support Partnership charity.

45% of headteachers, deputees and members of leadship teams report being stressed most of the time, and 80% say they suffer from stress some of the time.

 Of these - 52% said that they dealt with stress by overeating, 37% dealt with stress by overdrinking, and 27% say that they deal with stress by unnecessary shopping.

 31% said that they had experienced mental health problems in the last year. 63% said that they had considered leaving the profession because of the pressure on their health.

 Of course, this doesn't necessarily mean that there  are 52% of food addicts, 37% of alcohol addicts and 27% of shopping addicts in senior teaching positions - but the signs are there that they could be on the way to these addictions.

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