Sunday Mirror warning on weight heavy summer cooler drinks
17th July 2013
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 Just when you thought you'd got your weight under control - the Sunday Mirror, on 14.7.2013, gives a breakdown of the ingredients and sugar content of summer cooler drinks - at the coffee giants.

 Costa's Toffee Cream Cooler contains 81.6 grams of sugar ( which the Sunday Mirror says is equal to eating 31 digestive biscuits ).

 Starbucks Strawberries and Cream Frappucino contains 76.2 grams of sugar - or 459 calories.

 This can make up a huge portion of your recommended daily intake, even though it may not appear to you that you have eaten anything at all. If you add food to this - you are taking in more calories.

Effective Hypnosis can help with calorie control and food intake. Our weight loss sessions start with a hypnotic gastric band procedure. This convinces the subconscious mind that a gastric band has been fitted - withut any invasive procedure. The result is that you get fuller quicker, and therefore eat less and lose weight.

The second stage is about sharpening up the body function of the metabolism - so that your body takes on the thought that there is a fiercely burning furnace metabolising the food that is taken in.

 The third stage is about teaching self hypnosis skills - so that any temptations can be swiftly diverted.

 All of these hypnotherapy techniques are complimented by meridian therapy techniques, that rid the body of cravings.

 For further details - see the Effective Hypnosis page in and


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