Sugar Tax
6th April 2018
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 A sugar tax - on sugary drinks -  is to be introduced today, in the UK. The stated aim of the tax is to combat obesity. The levy will tax the soft drinks industry - who will pass this cost on to consumers - as follows; - 

 An extra 18p per litre if the drink contains more than 5g of sugar per 100ml, or 24p per litre if the drink contains more than 8g per 100ml. 

  Some products were below the 5g mark, so were not going to be effected - Tango, Lilt and R Whites. A lot of manufacturers adjusted their formulas to avoid this tax - Fanta, Sprite, Ribina and Irn bru should not be increasing price,s as they have changed. But Pepsi, Coca Cola, Red Bull and Old Jamaican Ginger beer are all going to be taxed, and therefore prices will increase.

 It is thought that the tax will raise £520 million a year, which will go to promoting sport in primary schools. Many have speculated that sugar addicts will just continue and pay the increase, but the government hopes that levels of obesity and diabetes will decrease significantly.

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