Sugar And Your Fertility
5th February 2017
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 The nutritionist, Zita West, warns about women damaging their fertility with too much sugar, in Healthista.

 She says that many of the women that she sees are conscious of diets, but have very little understanding of the nutrition that they need, for their bodies to function properly.

 She says that sugar affects blood sugar balance. This relates to the amount of glucose in the bloodstream. Low blood sugar levels can damage the menstrual cycle, high blood sugar levels can damage eggs, through production of too much insulin.

 She suggests that people can get control of their sugar levels from naturally sweet sources like dried fruits, organic maple syrup, and honey.

 Hypnotherapy helps people to control their weight through losing the sweet tooth, controlling cravings, creating aversions to unnaturally sweet products, and helping them towards enjoying healthy, nutritious foods. This may help with fertility, too.

 Matthew Hall, Master in Clinical Hypnosis

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