Sugar Addiction
6th April 2019
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 Alexandra Thompson, health reporter for Mailonline, tells us about research published in the journal Neuoscience and Behavioural Review -  suggesting that the "Sugar Rush" is really a myth.

 The report was compiled by three Universities; Berlin, Warwick and Lancaster after having studied 31 reports. They note that those who stuff themselves with sweet things feel exhausted and less alert after just one hour. The research implies that overindulging in carbohydrates has adverse effects on wellbeing. A carbhydrate high is a very short term fix which just results in feeling worse an hour later, with a craving for more carbs.

 Energy drinks are also condemned as ineffective and fuelling obesity.

 So, if you want to cut down on sugar intake, or think yorself a "Sodaholic" the why not consider hypnotherapy? Have a look at the testimonials to Effective Hypnosis on this site and give us a call on 07732391008 / 01895810772

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