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30th December 2017
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Hannah Braye, a spokesperson for Lepticol, writes in the Daily Mail :"How to ditch sugar on 7 day - a step by step guide to weaning yourself off sweet treats after Christmas" Lepticol is a nutrition product aiming for healthy bowels.

 She says that high sugar diets can lead to weight gain and risks of type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Cutting sugar can lead to improved concentration, increased energy, weight loss, clear skin, better sleep, stabilised moods, balanced hormones, and a better relationship with food.

 There is a lot of useful information here - although it could be argued that this is a seven idea guide, rather than a seven day guide.

Day 1 - Identify your triggers for sweetness - then you can build strategies to avoid these.

Day 2 - Clear out your cupboards of sweet foods. Out of sight can make sugar out of mind.

Day 3 - Cut out processed foods. Cook from scratch, using whole food ingredients and plenty of vegetables.

Day 4 - Switch to whole grain to control blood sugars and improve energy levels.

Day 5 - Fill up on fibre -from vegetables and whole grain ( this curbs appetite and reduces sugar cravings).

Day 6 - Cut back on alcohol consumption ( this will dramatically reduce your sugar intake).

Day 7- Make sensible choices and remember that balance is the key - don't panic if you have 'just the one' doughnut.


All the best if you do have a go at this plan.

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