Sugar Addiction
27th August 2017
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 The British  Journal of Sports Medicine reports on research from Saint Luke's Mid-American Heart  Institute in Kansas City, on sugar addiction.

 The project assessed all existing research about sugar addiction. They noted that the average sugar intake is nearly three times the recomended limits, according to Public Health England, and is driving up obesity, tooth decay and heart disease. They observed that both sugar and opiod drugs trigger a similar response from the brain's reward system - releasing dopamine and other pleasure-inducing chemicals. And, just like cocaine dependency, we need more to get the same response - which leads to addiction.

 Dr DiNicolantonio said " The lack of dopamine in the brain during periods between sugar consumption has been suggested to lead to ADHD-like symptoms. During periods off sugar a mild state of depression may ensue due to a dopamine deficiency, which can be temporarily relieved by consuming more sugar."

 This has led to the headline ' Sugar Is As Addictive As Cocaine', in the Daily Mail.

 Effective Hypnosis would like to point out that there are no sugar addiction clinics springing up to  cope with the DM's assertion. This seems an overreaction. However, as well as successfully treating cocaine addiction, we do run a successful Sugar Addiction program, as part of our practice in Ealing and Hillingdon. Do have a look at some of the 300,or so,testimonials from satisfied customers on 

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