Stress Awareness
1st November 2014
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Stress Awareness

Wednesday the 5th of November as been deemed as Interational Stress Awareness day.

A wealth of information is provided on the web site of the International Stress Management Association - . They explain: how to identify stress; fact about stress; stress FAQs; and promote books and publiations.

 They do point out that it is very much in the health news,as the Health and Safety Exectutive recognise that over one third of all work related illness in 2010/11 was due to stress ( 400,000 out of 1,152000 cases).The cost to the economy is said to be £13 billion,and to the individual, at least £800.

 If you do need help then please use the services of ISMA. But do remember the hypnotherapy service provided in West London by Effective Hypnosis includes: -

Stress Management

Anger Management

Forgiveness Therapy

Exam Sucess

Public Speaking Confidence

Alcohol Control

and Chronic Fatigue Management.


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