Stopping Smoking
28th December 2014
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Stopping Smoking

The Mail on Sunday runs an article on Max Pemberton's new book - Stop Smoking with CBT: The Most Powerful Way To Beat Your Addiction.

 In it, he explains how he used the exercises of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy to give up himself, and is now publishing his method to help all those that want to stop.

 The MOS gives examples of the CBT based exerises -

1. That the smoker should write a list of all that they love about cigarettes.

2. That they then should write a list of all the reasons not to quit.

3. Then to write a list of the benefits of not smoking.

4. Then to reflect on the arguaments as if you are a lawyer in a law court.

 The hope is that this will provide the motivation to stop.

  Effective Hypnosis looks forward to studying the book, and  wishes the best of luck to those who try to stop and to live healthier lives in 2015.

Matthew Hall, Master in Clinical Hypnosis



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