Stopping Smoking Without Gaining Weight
17th October 2016
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A recent survey by Slimming World indicated that people can delay quitting smoking by up to seven years because they fear that they will pile on weight. They say that they have the solution - preparing food from scratch - which is fine, if you have the time, but not everyone has.

 So, why do we gain weight when we stop smoking? It's because cigarettes activate the metabolism, so when you quit your metabolic rate slows down, but only until your metabolism stabilises - which shouldn't take more than two weeks. Therefore your body actually needs fewer calories at this time.

 You may find that food tastes better and be tempted to eat more, so keep your snacking healthy, and remember to drink water. Exercise is also great for boosting the metabolic rate.

 Effective Hypnosis has years of experience in working on speeding up the metabolic rate alongside our Smoking Addiction Freedom sessions. Do have a look at some othe testimonials to our work on and you'll see why Effective Hypnosis was voted Business of the Year 2016 by satisfied customers.

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