Stopping Smoking With Hypnotherapy
16th October 2014
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Stopping Smoking With Hypnotherapy

 In today's Daily Mail Sean O'Hare descibes how he had been to see a hyponotherapist when he was 17 - to stop smoking. It had worked, he says, up until he went drinking. And then his old associations with drinking habits had led him back to smoking.

 Fifteen years later,at the age of32 ,he went to see another hypnotherapist - again to stop smoking. The therapy session went well he says, but he decided to test the non smoking results by going on a drinking holiday for a week. He writes a diary of his week - involving lots of drinking, but no smoking.

 Wonderful advertising for hypnotherapy to stop smoking. Perhaps now he needs hypnotherapy to stop drinking.

 For a local hypnotherapy service to stop either smoking or drinking see

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