Stopping Smoking With Hypnotherapy
20th November 2016
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 One of the first things that I ask people when they come to my clinic is why they started smoking. The reasons given are varied, but often relate to what keeps them smoking.

 Some say that it helps them to have a crutch for dealing with uncomfortable social situations - going for a fag gets them away from it and  relaxes their tension. Some say that it helps them to control their weight - starving hunger cravings with cigarettes.

  Hypnosis uncovers memories or triggers that have been laid down and compounded many times a day - to clear emotional baggage that has been tied up with emotional eating and weight gain.

 As smoking is largely a psychological addiction, it isn't hard to see that smokers are  conditioned to believe that giving up is difficult. But hypnotherapy works by reconditioning the mind -helping you to change the way you feel about smoking.

 Remember how your first cigarette tasted awful? Remember the burning pain? Remember the coughing and spluttering? Remember the awful stink? You had to struggle to master these reactions until it became an automatic habit. Hypnotherapy can reprogram the unconscious mind and it can become easy to stop.

Take a look at some of the testimonials to Effective Hypnosis and you'll see what I mean.

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