Stopping Smoking
8th September 2017
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 The Wall Street Journal tells us that 70% of American smokers want to quit. The highest figure given by the NHS, of British smokers who want to quit,  is 63%.

 The pharmaceutical industry has many devices to help - there are nicotine patches, strips, lozanges and gum. The intention is to wean yourself off nicotine by gradually reducing the  intake over a period of time.

  The trouble is that these devices still maintain an addiction to nicotine. From what my customers tell me, despite their good intentions - if you need nicotine in the middle of the night, when the chemist is closed, but the petrol station is open, you go back to cigarettes.

 Hypnotherapy provides a way of changing the mindset. I teach ways to counter cravings, develop an aversion to smoking, and convince the subconscious mind that you neither need or want to smoke. Please see our page for access to over 300 testimonials from satisfied customers, and for further information.

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