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27th April 2019
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 Cochrane Tobacco Addiction Group have published the results of research showing that use of NRT for smoking cessation produces a success rate of 14%. However, a combination of two NRTs - patches plus gum, or lozanges - produces a success rate of 17%.

 CTAG aren't clear on success rates of psychological support or hypnotherapy - as they say that they haven't had enough controlled studies. However, they do cite studies that have produced a success rate of 95% of people who have given up and stayed off for at least a year.

 Effective Hypnosis, operating in Mount Park RD Ealing W5 2RS, and Marlborough RD, Hilligngdon Heath UB10 0PS has never met the 95% success rate. But we are pleased with our results for those that have given up immediately following hypnotherapy, and have themn stayed off smoking for at least a year - - see our website and the testimonials on 


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The Sunday Times 30.3.19 tells us that the NHS plans to test all pregnant women , at least twice, to see if they or their partners are smokers - to cut down on the tragic number of still births - 9 a...

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