Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy
28th January 2016
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Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy

 Last Saturday the Daily Mail ran a feature by a journalist  - Sean O'Hare - who had been to see the hypnotherapist Max Kirsten to stop smoking.  Max has previously treated celebrities to stop.

Sean did point out that he had been smoking for years and had had two previous visits to hypnotists. After both attempts,he said, he had not sustained giving up smoking for more than a year.

 Sean describes his visit. He explains how he had been questioned about why he started, when he started, what,when, and where he smoked, who he was likely to smoke with, and all his triggers. He was then put into trance and, after a wonderful experience, emerged as a non-smoker.

 He does say that there are no guarantees, and that, for him, time would tell.

 This all sounds very impressive, but no guarantees?

 Effective Hypnosis in Ealing and Hillingdon offers free sessions to previous clients - should they ever start again. In most cases we never hear from a client again until  we contact them after a year to find out what has happened, and establish our high success rate. Some do choose to send testimonials - see our testimonials on 

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