Spider Invasion
24th September 2015
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Spider Invasion

 The Sun has warned us  Brace Yourselves. The Express has warned that millions of giant spiders are on the march. The Telegraph has said that they are seemingly taking over Britain. The Independent has said It's Spider Season. The Metro has reported on a mother being so terrified that shge leapt out of a moving car, containing her child.

 There are 650 different species of spider in the uk - but only 12 of them are likely to enter a house> Adam Hart, professor of science communication, says that mid September to mid October is spider season - when males are looking for a mate, and the most likely time we'll see them.

 A phobia of Spiders can send sufferers into a blind panic. The brain will throw out any rational thoughts because it associates the object as an extreme danger and sends out a fight or flight signal.

Fortunately it is treatable. thought Field Therapy and Hypnotherapy are available in Ealing - through Effective Hypnosis - see or page on this site.

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