Speeding Up The Metabolism
25th January 2019
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A study from Cambridge University has been published in the journal PLOS Genetics. Over 14,000 people were included in the study, at The Wellcome Institute of Metabollic science. They were looking at how some people can eat what they want and still not put on any weight - despite not being involved in physical activity.  They identified a series of genes which seemed  to speed up a person's metabolism or burn fat more quickly. They concluded that 18% of thinness is written in our DNA

So, are we fated, or doomed to  live in overweight bodies if we are amoungst the 82% who don't have these genes?

 The short answer is no. We can exercise to speed up the metabolism.We can drink more water than we normally do. This speeds up the metabolism. We can get more sleep than we normally do. This speeds up the metabolism. 

 We can use Meridean Therapy to speed up the metabolism. Meridean Therapies EFT and TFT  teach tapping techniques to remove blockages to normal functioning - in the case of blocked metabolism to remove blockageas to become faster, stronger and more efficient.

 We can use hypnotherapy to get the metabolism fired up to the perfect level for burning fat faster, and processing food quickly and efficiently. This will lead to weight loss naturally - as your body stops storing excess fat and sugar from your food. But we can also use hypnotherapy to decrease addiction to sugary foods, increase use of water rich foods,  and encourage both gentle and calorie burning exercise.

 Please see www.thebestof/local/ealing for testimonials to Effective Hypnosis on the success with EFT, TFT and Hypnotherapy in West London.

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