Snacking at work
21st February 2013
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Snacking at work

  The Village Bakery has published details of  a survey they carried out  about people who snack at work.  On average, they say, someone will put on almost half a stone in weight per year. Women averaging 6lb3oz, men averaging 5lb2oz.

 This is all the more concerning in the current economic climate, when people are more likely to skip a lunch break through fear of losing their job, and may not have time or access to nutritious foods. 33 per cent are said to snack in order to cope with stress, and 22 per cent need a sugar rush to perk themselves up in the afternoon. The most common snacks are buscuits, follwed by chocolate, crisps and cakes.

 At Effective Hypnosis we are able to deal with stress, stop people's cravings for sugary snacks, and guide them towards nutritious foods. The wonderful thing about the Hypnotic Gastic Band is that, once the therapy has been done, our clients do not have any room inside for snacking - and therefore there is no desire to do so.  We are specialists in weight control and have many satisfied customers who have written their testimonials for this network. See for details.

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