Smoking and Tax
6th April 2013
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Smoking and Tax

From 6th April the tax threshold has risen to £9,200. This means that workers can earn this amount before they start to pay tax. It will raise two million workers out of paying any tax. We celebrate the help to lower paid workers, but would like to point out that they may be paying tax in other ways.

 The average cost of 20 cigarettes is £7.98, according to Wikipedia. The tax paid on this is £6.17. The population of Ealing is 340, 000. On average 20 % of the population smoke - so for Ealing this is 68, 000. The daily tax for Ealing  20 - a -  day smokers is £419,560.

 Many smokers may grumble about this, and make protests about how their tax is spent, but are they prepared to do anything about stopping?

 According to the New Scientist the best alternative therapy for stopping smoking is hypnotherapy.  Matthew Hall, at Effective Hypnosis, is an expert in this field. See the for details.


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