Smoking and hangovers
9th December 2012
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During the season of goodwill, and excesses of all kinds, it seems most uncharitable to spoil people's fun, but research has been published by Brown University in the US suggesting there is a link between smoking and hangovers.

Tobacco smoke contains the chemical actaldehyde, which is also formed in your tissues when you drink alcohol, and is responsible for many hangover symptoms. The research showed that those who smoke and drink on the same day suffer more from hangovers than those who merely drink.

Of course, Effective Hypnosis can help people with cutting down or cutting out drinking and stopping smoking. But for those who can't stop either, here are some NHS tips on avoiding hangovers ...

  • Don't drink on an empty stomach - if you do, it  will increase the likelihood of adverse effects.
  • Don't drink dark coloured drinks if you are sensitive to them. The chemical congeners will irritate blood vessals and tissue in the brain, and can make a hangover worse.
  • Drink water or non carbonated soft drinks in between each alcoholic drink.
  • Drink a pint of water before you go to sleep.

Happy holidays folks.








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