Smokers in Denial
19th April 2015
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Smokers in Denial

 Dr Laurent Greillier, of The  Hopital Nord, in Marseilles, presented the results of a survey to the European Lung Cancer Conference.

 1,463 French people were polled. One third of these believed that there was no risk of lung cancer to those who only smoked up to ten cigarettes a day.

And not only the French. Dr Carolyn Dressler,of the International Association for the Study of Lung cancer, said that the results reflected a common situation internationally. She added that the risk of heart disease starts with that one a day.

 For the deluded third - a scientific fact. Smoking causes an early death for one in two smokers. Continue tos moke at your peril.

 Most health authorities have good facilities for assisting smokers to give up.

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