Sleep Deprivation
27th April 2014
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 A survey has been published on the results of sleep deprivation by The Virgin Pulse Institute. They were specifically looking at the effects on the workplace.

The survey was reported on in the Mail On Sunday on 27.4.2014. Over 1100 workers were interviewed.  Here are some of the results -

 30% said that they were unhappy with the amount of sleep they got

 76% said that they feel tired most days at work

 15% said that they fell asleep in the office at least once a week ( this is nearly one in six workers).

 The Virgin Pulse Institute says that showing up to work sleep deprived can be the equivalent of showing up to work intoxicated.

 Lack of sleep affects memory, mood, concentration and reaction times. Employees who don't sleep well will have poorer concentration, poorer decision making abilities and be less able to cope with stressfull situations.

 Alison Runham, health writer for Discovery Magazine, has some useful tips on sleeping better on On a local level,.hypnotherapy help is available in Ealing (W5 ) and Hillingdon (UB10) on


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