Sleep deprivation affects weight gain
23rd May 2011
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Lack of sleep and weight gain


This week it has been reported that The University of Uppsala in Sweden

produced figures from research amoungst students showing that sleep

deprivation reduces metabolic rate - leading to weight gain.

We know from previous reseach, in 2009, at Norwich University hospital,

that tired people consume an extra 1000 calories a day - both the hormone

responsible for storing fat, and the hormone that lets you know when you are full go haywire.

Sleep deprivation also is related to increased fatigue, mood swings,

irritability, lack of concentration, poor memory, stomach problems, mistakes

and accidents.

In 2010 the shopping channel QVC produced a report suggesting that 87% of people are tired all the time. Ealing is reported to have a population of

305,000. If over 260,000 residents are suffering fopm a lack of sleep, how

many are overweight as a result?


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