Sleep Awareness Week
27th February 2016
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Sleep Awareness week

Sleep Awareness Week

 Sleep Awareness Week is being promoted as running between Wednesday 2nd March and Wednesday 9th March – to raise awareness for the health benefits of sleep and its importance to safety and productivity.

 When we sleep our body heals and repairs itself – allowing the brain to process the information collected through the day. Each person has their own requirements for sleep and this can change throughout the course of their life.

 A lack of sleep can affect brain functioning, the immune system, respiration, blood pressure, appetite and mental and emotional heath. It can make us fatigued, have low concentration skills, foggy thinking, irritability, sleepiness, anxiety and depression, and a lack of emotion.

 A solution may be found in sleeping tablets, but this may throw up the problems of addiction or side effects. Hypnosis has been found to be effective for helping people to get back to a normal sleeping pattern. It can be used to tackle both the cause and effects of insomnia. And, through visualisation, clients can experience what it feels like to experience a good night’s sleep in trance state. The learning brain will not reject this as something that hasn’t happened, but will accept it as a real experience, and change can take place.

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