Shaping Up For Party Season
29th October 2016
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There is still plenty of time to sign up for a six week weight control program before the Christmas and New Year party season begins.

 A survey this year showed that 83% of overweight and obese people admitted to giving in to emotional eating. To be more specific - that's 90% of overweight and obese women, and 85% of overweight and obese men - who give in to emotional eating.

 There may be all sorts of reasons for this - a belief that food will make the bad feelings go away; an escape from negative feelings by replacing them with something pleasurable; or people binging when faced with  negative emotions.

 Whatever the reason, people may find themselves having unwanted fat that they wish to remove. Hypnotherapy may provide a solution.

 Effective Hypnosis has an excellent record in helping people to slim down - please see our testimonials on .

Effective Hypnosis was voted Ealing Business Of The Year 2016 by satisfied customers - many of whom had lost weight with us.

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