Retraining The Brain Over Food Intake
30th November 2014
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Retaining The Brain Over Food Intake

 We don't start life addicted to chips and cheesecake - this conditioning occurs due to repeated intake. But, once addictive brain circuits are established, they can still be reversed.

Researchers at Tufts University, Massacussets, published in  "Nutrition and Diabetes". They looked at the brain scans of obese and overweight people in response to being presented with high calorie, unhealthy foods or low calorie, healthy foods. They then put most of the group on a weight loss program for six months, continually observing the scans.

They discovered, at the end, that there were changes in the area of the brain associated with learning and addiction. There was increased sensitivity towards low calorie, healthy foods, and decreased sensitivity towards high calorie, unhealthy foods.

 Science has therefore validated weight loss programs. For information on a successful hypotherapy program on weight loss -please see and some of the testimonials to our work on


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