Resolving to give up smoking
4th January 2016
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Resolving to give up smoking

 Every December we get calls from people who want to give up smoking for new year.We help them towards their goals. Every January we get calls from people who have made New Year Resolutions to give up smoking - but have started again. We help them to stop and stay stopped.

 So, why give up?


Decreased risk of Cancer, pulmonary and heart problems.

Feeling great with fresher breath, cleaner teeth and fresher smelling clothes.

Fewer health risks - including an improvement in breathing circulation and general fitness.

 Money. Some of our customers ave been spending £20 a day on smoking, others just £3.66. But it all adds up.

 It doesn't matter if your resolution was too difficult to maintain.What is important is your decision to stop -whenever that happens.

 Hypnotherapy may be the right decision for you. see our testimonials on .

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