Quitting Smoking For New Year
27th December 2012
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 Pfizer, an organisation funded by  pharaceutical company, has produced a report on stopping smoking. This campaign is called Don't Go Cold Turkey.

 It comes up with lots of facts and figures about success rates of using a cold turkey method. For example - 45% of smokers thinking about stopping every day; 2 out of 3 smokers (66% ) trying to give up in January, 1 in 10 smokers not lasting more than 24 hours. One of the reasons given is that 31% admit to self sabotage, and 72% are sabotaged by others. They say that 8% try hypnotherapy, and 5% try meditation ( no success rate given ). They say that most people don't realise that a reliable service is available from their GP or pharmacy, which is free. And the chances of success are quoted as far higher than cold turkey.

 What isn't actually mentioned is the fact that most of these free services can only recommend that people buy pharmaceutical products to help. Nicotine Replacement patches are clamed to have a long term  success rate of 0.8%. In medical terms 8 successes out of a thousand is regarded as a successful medical intervention. This may be more successful than the 0.3% that they claim cold turkey has after a year, but Effective Hypnosis is not impressed.

 Effective Hypnosis aims to reprogram the mind - changing the way smokers actually feel about smoking. see Effective Hypnosis for details.


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