Psychosexual Problems
3rd February 2019
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 The Sunday Telegraph Online - 3.2.19 - features a sponsered advert for Viagra explaining the six most common psychosexual problems. Much of it is quoting Kate Moyle - Psychosexual Psychotherapist. She says that the longer sexual problems go on for, the more prominent they can become, because of a cycle of anxiety - the more anxious we get, the more prevalent the problem.

 Anxiety 1 is presented as Erectile Dysfunction. This is experienced by 4.3 million men in the UK. The causes can be both physical and psychological. She advises that a GP should rule out a physical cause before therapy is tried.

 Anxiety 2 - not being in the mood. She says that there is no normal and that couples should reduce pressure by not expecting instant arousal. GPs can help with worries.

 Anxiety 3 - Sex is painful. Do get checked out by a GP for physical causes.

 Anxiety 4 - Premature Ejaculation. Gps can check for physical causes, but again, there is no normal.

 Anxiety 5 - Lack of confidence in the bedroom. This can be caused by lack of experience as well as a body confidence issue. There is no normal. Increased execise or diet may help with body confidence.

 Anxiety 6 Lack of orgasm.  There is no normal. There may be psychological issues that therapy can help with.

 Hypnotherapy may help too. Matthew Hall, of Effective Hypnosis Hillingdon UB10 0PS and Ealing W5 2RS is currently training for a Diploma in Psychosexual Dysfunction and welcomes referrals. we are ready to help people with stress and anxieties, without any guilt, shame or embarrassment.

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