Proof That Hypnosis Works
9th December 2016
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 Smoking Cessation : "81% quit smoking with hypnosis, and the majority of those who quit remained smoke free a year later"

 Elkins GR and Rahab MH (2004) International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis 52.

 Weight Loss : "Hypnosis helped people lose weight in the short term and the long term - hypnosis helps people to keep from regaining weight"

Kirsch I (1996)Hypnotic Enancement of Cognitive Behaviour Weight Loss Treatments. Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology 64.

 Immune System Response :"Hypnotised patients had significant alterations of immune system response"

Ruzula-Smith P (1995)Journal of Clinical Hypnosis 38.

Pain Management :"Hypnosis has direct effects on many supranal sites involved in the experience of pain"

 Jensen MP (2009) Pain 146

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