Popular Media Glamourising Gambling
15th August 2017
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 In the popular soap opera, Coronation Street, Robert Preston has recenty been seen to steal money from a till and head to a casino to raise the £5000 that he has promised to another character. After losing to begin with, he then puts about £200 on a Red spin of the roulette wheel - and, amazingly, wins the £5000 he needs to pay his debt.

 This is irresponsible on many levels. First, because it gives the message that someone can solve their problems by gambling. Also, because it gives the message that it's ok to steal to gamble. But also, it gives totally unrealistic odds - you won't find any casino offering a 20-1 bet on a 50- 50 chance. This will only encourage people to start gambling.

 At Effective Hypnosis, we do find that many people won't stop when they are trying to win back what they have lost. We aim to create a revulsion to gambling, and encourage an internal dialogue between the different ego states, so that gambling becomes less attractive. Do have a look at our website - www.effectivehypnosis.co.uk 


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