Opioid Addiction In The UK
24th February 2019
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 The Sunday Times today (24.2.19) claims that opioid addiction has reached epidemic proportions in the Uk - leading to five people every day dying through overdoses, and many more admitted to hospital for overdose treatment.

 Whilst we admire the highlighting of the problem, this may be sensationalism. Alcohol related deaths are three times this number, yet nobody has claimed that this is an epidemic.

 The Sunday Times says that prescribing seems to be out of control - as many Britons are given the highly addictive drugs for chronic pain, but use is supposed to be short term. Use is intended merely to stop the pain, not to heal it.  There are side effects and those who take them long term tend to develop a dependence. 

 Dr Andrew Green, the British Medical Association's clinical and prescribing lead, calls for immediate action. But, it is claimed,  many GP's don't have access to alternatives.  Evtan Alexander, of UK Addiction Treatment,   says "It is vital that alternatives to medication are provided."

 Hypnotherapy presents a natural, drug free,  way to heal pain. Self hypnosis can be taught as a skill for life to bring pain symptoms under control and then build a better future. We can also deal with opiod addiction .

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