No Smoking Day
1st March 2017
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National No Smoking Day has been observed in England every year since 1984. This year it also falls on budget day -when cigarettes are destined to rise in price by at least 2%.

 Action on Smoking and Health points out that a 10-a-day smoker spends an average of £23.50 a week on smoking - or £1200 a year. They say this is 6% of an average wage. so - giving up will equate to a 6% payrise in savings. Obviously, these figures are doubled for a 20-a-day smoker.

ASH says that the best chance of quitting smoking is to use a Stop Smoking Service - with behavioural support and coaching , as well as prescriptions of medicines and nicotine replacement therapy. However, one in three Stop Smoking Services has been cut back by the current austerity measures.

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