No Sex Please, We're British?
11th May 2019
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Researchers from The London School of Hygeine and Tropical Medicine produced a report, having analysed 34,000 men and women aged 16 - 44. Their findings suggest a decline in sexual activity in the years between 2001 and 2012. They say that less than half of Britons have sex at least once a week, and  the percentage of those who  say they would like more, has risen since 2001. The steepest falls in sexual frequency were amoung those over 25 and people who are married or living together.

 So, why isn't it happening? The report suggests tht the stress and 'busyness' of modern life is to blame. Work, familly life,  and leisure are constantly juggled, and digital diversions are also factors.

 Whilst it is true that working unofficial or unpaid overtime, lengthening commutes due to increasing traffic and poor public transport, helping aged parents, whilst raising children all add to modern stresses - does this really count as an excuse? Is Busy really an excuse when you  love and respect your relationship?

 Are digital diversions really an excuse? Certainly, there are a lot more TV channels available than in the past, and the virtual relationships offered by social media seem tempting. But it is the lack of communication between couples, who are retreating from each other - and into secret virtual relationships that seem to destroy the chances of togetherness. If men or women are under stress and this affects their feeling of power or control in the bedroom, their libido may suffer.

 Sexual anxieties can be talked through and overcome through a hypnotherapy program, that is bespoke to you. The assessment process will make a thorough investigation of where the power issues and leading and following in relationship lies. Users will be pleasantly surprised at how much they can rekindle that first romantic spark - and improve their sex lives.

 Matthew Hall, Master in Clinical Hypnosis,

has completed a diploma course in Psychoseual Dysfunction in 2019 

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