Nigella's weight loss success
12th October 2013
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Nigella's weight loss success

 The Daily Mirror proclaims today that Nigella Lawson - the tv celebrity cook - lost two stones in weight with hypnotherapy. She had been treated by Susan Hepburn, who is regarded by the Mirror journalist as the world's leading authority on weight loss.

 Effective Hypnosis congratulates her on her success. Nigella is quoted as having said that she turned to food for comfort after a very public divorce. It is easy to see how the hypnotherapy refocused her mind away from comfort foods, and directed her attention towards a healthier lifestyle.

The wonderful thing about hypnotherapy is that it can send direct commands to  the subconscious mind about the way that a person wants to live. So, whether it is control over a desire to eat cupcakes all day, or a control over an addiction to a hard drug, the power of hypnosis to plant the motivation to change is  tremendous.

 If you are having trouble with negotiating the waiting list for Susan Hepburn's hypnotherapy practice, then please do have a look at the Effective Hypnosis page - and at some of the testimonials to our work.

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