NICE recommeds weight loss surgery to help curb diabetes
27th July 2014
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NICE reommends weight loss surgery to help curb diabetes

The Independent reports-The National Insitute of health and Care Excellence (NICE) have recommended that all obese people who have been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes should be considered for weight loss surgery.

 Professor Mark Baker, of NICE, notes that obesity levels have doubled over the last ten years, and thinks that surgery could make a real difference.

 However, Simon O'Neil, of Diabetes Uk,points out that this is a serious surgery and carries risks, so surgery should only be carried out as  a last resort.

 If you are overweight and are worried about diabetes,you may wish to consider the hypnotic gastric band. This is a completely natural therapy, that requires no surgical equiptment, medicines, hospital stays or recovery time. The process tricks the mind into believing the surgery has taken place, with all the results but no pain.

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