New Year's Resolution No 4 - Stop Smoking
4th January 2011
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If you are struggling with giving up smoking and the free nicotine patches don't make enough difference for you, then read this latest testimonial for Effective Hypnosis by a client who managed to keep his resolution to give up smoking this time last year:

"I became a father at the end of 2009 and realised that I had to do some economising to help provide for my wife and child.
I decided that the first thing to change would be to give up smoking. I rang Matthew and saw him in the first week of January 2010.
It was amazing. He put me into a deep trance and proceeded to convince me that I was a non smoker, that I was happy to be a non smoker and that I had no desire to smoke ever again. He gave me some homework to do and a back up recording of the session.
It is now one year on. I would like to say that I saved money, but of course the money went on other things - the joys of having a baby boy. But I am healthier, happier and thankful to Matthew and his methods.
Tom B"

Effective Hypnosis are offering a £50 discount to help you stop smoking in January. See details of this offer.

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