New Year Resolutions
31st December 2012
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 New Year Resolutions

 Reading through the newspapers at the weekend might have given some people hope for success with new year resolutions.

 The Sun claims that most people will have abandoned their new year resolutions after nine days - but reports happily on the success of Charlie McGrath, who lost six stones in weight during 2012 - reducing from size 20 to 8 - 10, through cutting out take away food and fat from her diet. They examine five weight loss methods and suggest that hypnotherapy can empower you to have control over your food intake.

 The Telegraph examines a poll from LA fitness that suggests the breaking of resolutions comes for most after five weeks. This poll suggests that traditional resolutions have been abandoned in favour of reading and saving.

 Much advice is available on the internet.  gives tips on making and sticking to resolutions. has tips and support on Saving, Eating Well, Quitting Smoking, and Drinking Less. has a free diet plan.

 For further informtion on hypnotherapy - see Effective Hypnosis



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