New research shows dieting makes you fat
5th May 2012
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Scientific research has recently shown how dieting alters your brain and hotrmones so that you will pile on weight again after your diet is finished.

Research from the University of Melbourne has shown that hormone response to dieting sometimes produces the opposite effect. A test group dieted for a period of eight weeks, and reported that they had all lost weight. However, they were monitored for a further year, and they reported that an average of a third of the lost weight had been put back on.

They reported being hungrier and more food obsessed than before dieting.

This was determined to be caused by their hormones working overtime, making them react as if they were starving - a starvation response. Levels of ghelin - an appetite stimulating hormone - were higher. Levels of peptin YY - an appetite suppressing hormone - were low, and levels of leptin - a hormone that suppresses hunger and raises metabolic rate were also lower.

Their bodies had had a backlash against dieting. A calorie hoarding mechanism, that probably originates from more primitive survival times, had started to function.

Dieting does not teach us to function with fewer calories, nor does it reset the metabolism.

However, the most powerful mechanism known to us - the subconscious mind - can adjust our intake and our metabolism. The best way to influence the subconscious mind is through hypnotherapy. If you think it could help you further details - see Effective Hypnosis.

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