Natural teething remedies stocked by baby e
8th March 2012
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Is your baby showing the signs of teething – bit grizzly, red cheeks and dribbling a lot?


It could well be that your baby’s first teeth are coming through – so pop into babye and have a look at their mum-tested natural teething remedies, that really do work!


Sophie la Girafe has been sold over the world since 1961. Made from natural rubber, Sophie is perfect for little hands to grab and her ears and face bring comfort to baby as they press it against their sore gums. You’ll soon find you won’t be able to leave home without her! £12.99 and to stop baby dropping Sophie out of the buggy, babye also stock a selection of toy holders – a contemporary looking polka-dot one £7.99 or a liberty print one from local mum business, Little Swans. 


babye also recommend Amber Teething Necklaces – worn around the neck as a necklace (not put in baby’s mouth), amber is said to offer natural pain relief in a similar way that copper bracelets do for arthritis - £14.99 and made by a local Chiswick mum.


Dribble bibs are another ‘must have’ item – bandana style either plain cotton ‘Dribble Ons’ £4.99 - brilliant at keeping baby dry.


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