National Stress Awareness Day - November 1st
28th October 2017
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 November 1st is National Stress Awareness Day. Stress Awareness is of growing importance in today's world. Whilst stress alarm systems may have been essential in antiquity - motivating us to run away from a wild animal, etc - in modern times it can just linger and lead to serious health problems.

 Excessive cortisol in the bloodstream - which might once have motivated us to escape - can lead to insomnia, and reduced functioning. Other problems may be - increased blood pressure, susceptibility to heart disease, and a decline in our immune system.

 But the good news is that our learned reponses to stressors can be unlearned - and new positive programs can be installed. Hypnotherapy can help here, making us into highly functioning people rather than shivering victims of stress.

Matthew Hall, Master in Clinical Hypnosis

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