Narcotics Usage
18th August 2012
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Home office statistics published in August 2012 revaled some statistics about drug use. They stated that 2.3 million people in England and Wales had used drugs in their lifetime, and in the last year drug use is as follows:

  • 700,000 used cannabis
  • 500,000 used cocaine
  • 200,000 used ecstacy
  • 300,000 used Ketamine
  • 200,000 used poppers - Amylnitrate
  • 200,000 used Speed - Amphetamines

Users may, of course, claim that it is their right to use whatever substances they want to, and I don't want to argue with that, perhaps the place that they go to is far better than the reality that they come back to.

But I will say that it doesn't have to be this way. We know that the body produces natural endorphins to give a natural high. People who workout in the gym know this, and this is what keeps them going back again and again. Because it gives them a natural high.

If I were to broadcast the fact that I can train people to switch on those natural endorphins through hypnosis, would I get much response? Would a queue of people be beating a path to my door? What if I were to say that we can use these endorphins to cure pain and lighten people's moods? What if I were to say that I can help people towards a state of bliss? I don't expect a queue of new age seekers - although I welcome them - but if can help people to release addictions I am happy to welcome them to my practice.

See Effective Hypnosis for further details.

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