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18th November 2017
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On November 14th Alexandra Thompson reports, in the Daily Mail, on Tracy Hoff - a Type 2 Diabetic from Chichester. She had tried to reverse her diabetes with diet and execise through slimming clubs, but found no success - because the clubs had failed to change her attitude to foods. She then tried the Virtual Gastric Band - a hypnotic technique that reprogrammed her thoughts about eating - allowing her to be more mindful about eating.

 Her weight has shrunk from 17.7  to 13 stones - although she is still hoping to lose another stone. Her dress size has gone from 24 - 16. She no longer requires life preserving insulin injections, and hopes to reverse the process of diabetes.

 Matthew Hall, of Effective Hypnosis, offers this treatment in his Ealing and Hillingdon clinics. Please see 300+ testimonials from satisfied customers on under his hypnosis page.

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