'Men's Health' Backs Hypnotherapy
25th March 2017
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  Macaela Mckenzie attempts to show how science has approved therapeutic use of hypnosis- in yesterday's edition of 'Men's Health'.

She says that hypnosis induces a state of focus that may help you to tackle everything from your workout goals to fear of root canal treatment. She quotes research articles as evidence for:

 Hypnosis may help you to quit smoking;

 Hypnosis may help you to lose weight;

 Hypnosis may help you to conquer fears;

 Hypnosis may help you de - stress;

 Hypnosis may help you treat chronic pain.

 Evidence for success in Smoking Cessation is given by quoting a 2013 study on group hypnosis for stopping smoking which had a lot of success.

 Evidence for both  Hypnotic Weight Loss and Overcoming  Dental Fears is shown in an article in the Journal of Physiology.

Evidence for success in relieving stress comes from a study in Complimentary Therapies In Clinical Practice.

 Evidence for hypnotic successes with treating chronic pain is shown in a 2014 study by the American Psychological Association.

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